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App zes while updating

Someone unknown—as noted, this novel is short on identifiable people the reader can relate to—takes the code for a piece of ransomware usually distributed as an email attachment, and turns it into a payload for ETERNALBLUE, which is a worm—capable of directly infecting other machines on the same network without human intervention.

And in a matter of hours, the new malware, known as Wanna Decryptor, infects the entire British National Health Service, a Spanish cellphone company, Fed Ex, and over a third of a million computers whose owners had lazily failed to enable automatic security updates from Microsoft.

But this is just the first of the many logical inconsistencies which riddle the back story and plot of "Zero Day".) Next, the plot takes a turn towards faceless anonymous parties (lacks drama!

) as someone calling themselves "the Shadow Brokers" leaks a huge trove of classified NSA documents to Wiki Leaks, who in turn dump it on the internet.

Also, the characterisation is spotty: the shadowy villain remains off-screen for the entire novel (and apparently gets away with their crime), the hero who saves the day only appears in the last chapter, and the overall lack of thematic resolution at the end of the novel is painful.(ETERNALBLUE was part of a release of code that also gave us such interesting names as EDUCATEDSCHOLAR, ETERNALROMANCE, and ERRATICGOPHER.Oh to be a fly on the wall at the classified NSA committee meetings discussing the deployment of their weaponized ERRATIC GOPHER ...) Then, one day in May, all hell breaks loose.Because the plot of your yarn is highly technical, we engaged a specialist external reader to evaluate it.And they had some unfortunate words to say on the subject of plausibility. Blofeld, Editorial Director READER'S REPORT Short version: while Stross can clearly write workmanlike, commercial prose, the plot of "Zero Day" does not hold up to scrutiny.

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Dear Mr Stross I'd like to apologize in advance, but after consulting with my colleagues in other departments at Reality Publishing Corporation, I'm afraid we can't publish your book, "Zero Day: The story of MS17-010", as things stand.