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Many friends and coworkers had no idea about the difficulties of caring for a severely disabled boy.

He was simply known as a positive and uplifting leader in the area.

The Comte d'Artois compromised her by his intimacy, scurrilous pamphlets were circulated, and, particularly in certain court circles, that abominable campaign of mendacity was inaugurated to which the queen fell a victim at a later period.

In 1789, at the opening of the States-General, the crowd, acclaiming the queen's enemy, shouted in her hearing: "Long live the Duc d'Orléans!

But the ill-feeling towards "L'Autrichienne" was stirred up by the lamentable "Affair of the Diamond Necklace" (1784-86).

Cardinal de Rohan, grand aumônier of France, deceived by an adventuress, who called herself Comtesse de la Motte-Valois, purchased for 1,600,000 livres a necklace which he believed the queen wished to have; the lawsuit begun by the unpaid jewellers resulted in the acquittal of Cardinal de Rohan, while the publicity of the allegations of Mme de la Motte, who pretended that the queen was aware of the transaction, and the romantic story of a nocturnal rendezvous at the Tuileries, were exploited by Marie Antoinette's enemies.

In June, 179l, the projected flight which she had planned with the assistance of Fersen and Bouillé, failed, the royal couple being arrested at Varennes.

But she confessed to Mercy that she indulged in this dissipation to console herself for having no children; and the tales of Besenval, Lauzun, and Soulavie, about the amours of Marie Antoinette, cannot stand against the testimony of the Prince de Ligne: "Her pretended gallantry was never any more than a very deep friendship for one or two individuals, and the ordinary coquetry of a woman, or a queen, trying to please everyone." De Goltz, the Prussian minister, also wrote that though a malicious person might interpret the queen's conduct unfavourably there was nothing in it beyond a desire to please everybody.

Besides, the queen continued to give edification by her regular practice of her religious duties.

In truth, it was to the interest of France not to permit the indefinite growth of the Prussian power; but the routine diplomats, believing that Austria was to be forever the enemy of France, and the philosophers, who were favourably disposed towards Prussia, as a Protestant nation, abhorred any display of sympathy for Austria.

In her private life, Marie Antoinette may justly be blamed for her prodigality, for having, between 17 -- by certain notorious escapades (sleigh racing, opera balls, hunting in the Bois de Boulogne, gambling ) and by her amusements at the Trianon (see VERSAILLES) -- given occasion for calumnious reports.

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Janet Pohl, who along with her husband Luke, is a longtime friend of Heckman, say she believes he did it 'out of love for his son and not wanting him to suffer'.'I don't condone what George did, I don't think anyone condones it, but I understand it.